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Impact Factor
Many are still in the evaluation phase. You can view the Journal Indexing Database List at end of the page. 
However, only a few of them are:



Cosmos Impact Factor
IPI Value  
 Article ID: A010203 (Click on the article ID number to open the full article)

A0101001 refers to the article number.
A refers to the journal section.
01 refers to the volume number.
02 refers to the issue number.
03 refers to the 3rd article.

If an article has 1 to 6 pages and the article ID is A010202, then its page numbers are: 21-26.

Data is available for each published article.

Publication Article ID: M0301012
Received: 02/07/2020
Accepted: 20/07/2020
Published: 25/07/2020

Received: The date an article is received. The first copy of the article (preprint) will be available on the website without reviewer reports for publication.

Accepted: The date an article is accepted to publish online. On this date, a second copy of the article will be available on the website with reviewer reports but without corrections, editing, and proofreading. On this date, an abstract may be uploaded for indexing and abstracting on different servers of the indexing database.

Published: On this date, a third copy of the article will be available on the website but without proofreading. The final copy of a paper and a final publishing date are published with the publication of the final paper (no further changes).
Note: Papers accepted in 2020 may have a final publishing date in 2021, and those accepted in 2021 may have it in 2022. It depends on how many papers have been received each year for publication.