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Aims and Scope

The Journal of allbiosolution publishes any scientific communication, not limited to only,

-short communications 
-research papers
-project reports 
-review articles 
-conference abstract
-which would be useful for solving an issue.

It deals with any topic which is still in question and does not have full solution up to now. However, it must be related somehow to biology, for example 

- how a mathematical formula is useful to solve a gene associated issue
- how a biotechnological approach provides solution to a health or crop related issue
- approaches such as tele-medicine or tele-crop etc to implemente at grass root level
- waste management using biological approach. 

In fact the Journal of allbiosolution provides a platform at global level where authors can introduce an unsolved issue, propose research approaches, present and discuss experimental plans, executions and results and finally, show implementation of the solution for an issue at grass root level to make better world.

Dissemination of transforming idea to technology to implementation. 

Readers who are interested to read about; 
-an unsolved issue
-an idea to solve an unsolved issue
-transforming idea to technology or approach development (research plan, execution, results and discussion)
-implementation of transformed idea at grass root level

Multidisciplinary, allbiosolution, biosolution

Abstracting and Indexing 
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Authors: It is permitted to incorporate a published article in new publications, lectures, teachings etc by mentioning an acknowledgment to the Journal of allbiosolution and contributing author.
Photocopying: Research and teaching institutions with a current paid subscription to Journal of allbiosolution do not need permission for photocopying the article for teaching purpose. However, they can not distribute and resold the article. 
For all other purpose, please contact to Journal of allbiosolution.

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Publication place 
Valladolid, Spain

Publishing entity 
Allbiosolution; Husde foundation

Publishing date
2015 and onwards

ISSN 2605-3535 (Spain)
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Allbiosolution editorial team
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