Peer Review Policy

Following peer review procedure will apply for all manuscript: 

- At initial stage, editor and/or editorial members will evaluate the submitted manuscript and write a very brief report on the basis of journal´s aim and scope, original work, scientific flaws and poor english language. On the basis of this initial evaluation report, editor will decide to accept or reject or write recommendations before contacting and sending to reviewers. 

- Peer review will be performed anonymously at this stage. Reviewers declaring no conflicts of interest will submit reports after evaluating the manuscript based on the criterias written in about journal, author and publication ethics section as well as following recommendations of editor. Double blind peer review policy. 

- The review process time will depend on time taken in finding reviewers, manuscript evaluation, writting and sending reports. Based on these reports editor will take time to decide to accept or reject or write recommendations or finding and sending the manuscript to additional reviewers for evaluation. It will take additional time in case of recommendations to authors to improve the manuscript quality. 

- Editor’s decision will be final for publication of an article. 

- The names of reviewers and editors involved in peer review process may appear in final published article for acknowledging their contributions. All reports of reviewers and corresponding answers of authors may be published.