Systematic review of failure of primary total hip arthroplasty and meta-analysis of safety profile of two different material of acetabular cup

Sharma A, Sural S, Kumar AA, Kalaiselvan V,Mathur R

Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University Pushp Vihar, Sec-III, MB Road, New Delhi, INDIA


Modern Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) has advanced in technique and materials yet the occasional complications continue to haunt the surgeons. Aseptic loosening, osteolysis, wear, metallosis and implant breakage, are major concerns of materiovigilance of medical devices to develop safer materials for implants. To systematically analyze and review the adverse events (AE) after THA and a Meta analysis to associate the risk of implant failure with cross linked and vitamin E diffused polyethylene liner of THA. PubMed data bases showing observational studies and randomized clinical trials from 2016- 2020. The outcome of interest was defined as“ adverse events or complications” after THA and the factors responsible for the complications. Among the 48 eligible studies included in this review, the commonest implant was metal-on-polyethylene (MoP), whereas metal-on-metal (MoM) had the highest complications. Out of the total number of subjects1.83% had experienced an AE. Meta-analysis plot probably favours the safety of vitamin E diffused polyethylene liner material compared to cross linked polyethylne. The systematic review analysis suggests that the failure rate of THA is very low. More failures are observed in uncemented fixation type and MoM bearing hip implants. From the meta-analysis it can be concluded that the vitamin E diffused polyethylene liner is better in terms of safety than the conventional cross-linked polyethylene liner.   

Article ID: O0401019 (Suppl 1)   RA  Preprint
Received: 08/06/2022 
Accepted: 08/07/2022

Published: 08/08/2022